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Cisco hacker

Date: November 23, 2007

A 19-year-old from Uppsala, Sweden, has been found guilty on seven counts of unauthorized access to Swedish university servers and research computers. He is also suspected by the FBI of breaking into servers at Cisco Systems and stealing classified source code.

The man, who was no older than 16 when the crimes were committed, was found guilty by the court of appeals on Monday. He will have to pay about $32,000 to three Swedish universities and to the national supercomputer center in Linköping. The man, who had no previous record, was also given a suspended prison sentence.

In a separate investigation being carried out by the FBI, the same man is suspected of breaking into Cisco servers in May 2004 and stealing source code for networking equipment, which was later posted online. The FBI has made a formal request for the Swedish authorities to investigate the Cisco incident.

Prosecutor Chatrine Rudström said she welcomed the verdict. She is now deciding whether the charges requested by the FBI can be pressed against the "Uppsala hacker," as he has become known. "We are about to finish the investigation and will then make a decision," she told Computer Sweden.
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