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Police targeting Internet pedophiles and child porn

Date: November 23, 2006

Alan Naj sent explicit online messages about sexual practices to 15-year-old Leslee Sweet, e-mailed her a video of him masturbating, bought her Victoria's Secret panties and taught her how to encrypt sensitive computer files.

For about a month, Naj, 46, and "lesleesweet15" (her screen name) chatted online, sometimes more than once a day. He frequently mentioned sex and asked about her experiences. He wrote about being sexually aroused and reaching climaxes.

When they agreed to meet at a Jacksonville mall in January, Naj drove from Broward County bearing gifts, including sexy underwear and a teddy bear, and hoped to have sex with the young girl.

But Leslee wasn't there. Naj, a computer-assisted designer, was met by investigators with the Florida Attorney General's Child Predator CyberCrime Unit. He soon learned that Leslee was a fictional teenager and he had been chatting with a 33-year-old male investigator.
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