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Internet scam probe can fail

Date: October 23, 2006
By: Michael R. Moser

Hours of investigative and evidence processing work have already been recorded and more is likely to come, but an FBI agent last week who specializes in Internet fraud told a Cumberland County sheriff's investigator it is unlikely charges will ever be filed in the case.

More information about the probe in Crossville, which started with a phone call from a credit card theft victim in Virginia, is coming to light as two sheriff's investigators continue their probe into the local connection in the World Wide Web scam.

"I talked to an FBI agent in the Memphis office," Sheriff's Investigator Ben Waller said Friday. "He told me the chances of charging anyone over there are pretty slim."

The two scams — apparently unrelated to each other — originated in the countries of Nigeria and Ghana. The local women, ages 34 and 53, met the persons involved in an Internet posting site called "My Space" and corresponded through e-mail and instant messesging online.
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