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Larry Mendte charged with computer crime

Date: July 23, 2008

PHILADELPHIA - Larry Mendte illegally accessed the e-mail account of former CBS co-anchor Alycia Lane 537 times from several different computers, according to a court filing announced today.

Acting United States Attorney Laurie Magid announced the filing, charging Mendte with a felony count of intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization and obtaining information.

"People expect that e-mail in a password protected, personal e-mail account is private," said Magid. "If you think of it in the context of another era, it's no different that someone stealing your locked briefcase, containing confidential information from your lawyer, prying it open, and helping themselves to the contents. The mere accessing and reading of privileged information is criminal."

According to the information, Mendte illegally gained access to the personal email accounts of former colleague Alycia Lane for more than two years. He logged into Lane's personal accounts approximately 537 times, from his home
computer, from a computer at his vacation home, and from a computer at his place of work.

The filing alleges that Mendte accessed private communications between the victim and others, including attorney-client privileged information, relating to both civil and criminal litigation involving Lane.

Mendte then allegedly shared information regarding the contents of the e-mail communications with a newspaper reporter.

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