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Discussion : New Virginia strike force to prosecute cybercrime

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2007-01-16 10:55:14 -
That is October 2006 [typo on the 2005]

2007-01-16 10:53:51 -
Reported the MAJOR VISA card compromise [Oct. 2005] against my acct @ Valley Bank - and NOW trying to locate any and all information as to how VISA debits cards were compromised nationwide.
VISA has very unsatisfactory letter dated OCT 31, 2006

My bank caught it, but ..... want to know if VISA actively persuing this -

Local law enforcement said 'out of their juristiction'

Great site here as in the BRT -

2005-09-01 17:43:23 -
Very nice blog.

2004-08-01 00:26:58 -
I was wondering why other federal agencies like DHS/ICE, Postal and the Secret Service were excluded from this strike force, considering their vast experiance in conducting Internet Investigations.

Total 4 comments
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