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FBI on phishing

Date: June 23, 2006
By: Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI is warning web users of phishing attacks targeting users of a popular social networking web site. The scam is designed to steal personal information.

The FBI has become aware of phishing attacks targeting users of the popular social networking web site, (MySpace).

These attacks have come in the form of a bulletin titled "CHECK OUT these old school pictures...." When a user clicks on the provided link to view the pictures, his or her web browser is directed to a screen that is an exact reproduction of the MySpace login screen. However, this offer and its corresponding web site are not affiliated with MySpace. These attacks may be a vector to introduce Malware—such as a Trojan virus—to steal financial information from recipients. And while MySpace users do not typically store financial information on their personal pages, phishers may be gambling that the login information for users' MySpace accounts is the same for other accounts at financial institutions, online auction web sites, or online payment systems.
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