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Child porn remains on the Internet

Date: April 23, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

ZAPOROZHYE (CCRC) - Up to 75% of all child porn production are spread over the Internet. According to law enforcement data, about 90% of international investigative commissions, issued by Interpol, are related to this kind of computer crime. World child porn industry, knowing about gaps in Russian laws, tends to place more and more resources on the Russian Internet.

As an example, we may consider a 40 seconds long clip, where two perverts have sex with a young girl and then they stab her, cut off her ears and smash her eyes. According to the corresponding department of Russian police, so-called Department “R”, FBI officers noticed this movie first. FBI experts assert that this video footage represents real activities, not imitation. It was also found out that

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Americans obtained access to this clip located on a specialized Russian website for 400 USD. Afterwards officers of Russian police were engaged in the investigation. It took 3 months to find producers of this video in the South-Eastern Asia, where they were sentenced to death and executed. Consumers of such production were sentenced to terms from 10 to 120 of imprisonment. At the same time, a Russian accomplice of this group was not brought to responsibility due to gaps in Russian law.

During investigation on 70% of international investigative orders on child porn, officers established that these porn sources are really located in other countries and are intentionally tied to Russia by porn dealers with the purpose to hide their true location using special hacker tricks. According to the Department "R", less than 2% of child porn resources on the Internet are produced in Russia. Therefore owners of a porn site "Blue Orchid", which were earlier amnestied, got involved in a similar business in a big way and with more conspiracy. Their new project was named "Club "Omega". They bought a domain name geographically located in the US especially for their new website. Therein, this source was developed in such a way that only residents of US, Canada and Western Europe could see it. When requested from the other countries, no one would see it. Solntcev-Elbe and Garbko, also known in the "Blue Orchid" case, were in charge of this "club". Two unemployed Russians helped them. Models for movies and photo sessions were selected from 14 years old teenagers and above. Besides, they stopped to store these materials at their physical mediums (CDROMs, cassettes). During searches in the apartment, rented by the club, a computer was found where they transmitted these porn materials.

Distribution of child porn with elements of violence and cruelty to children over the Internet, as a rule, is carried out by well organized international criminal groups. Each child porn source on the Internet returns about $30 thousand on average. Each source is backed by a criminal triad: criminals of organized groups, corrupt officials and bankers that help to cash the money.
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