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Date: March 23, 2006

Sheriff's Detective Keith Smith is the only forensic computer examiner in Kane County who is specially trained to crack Internet child exploitation and child pornography cases.

"The predators are more equipped to violate the law than law enforcement is trained to combat the problem," Smith said.

The sheriff's office has received new computer software that may help change that. The Online Predator Profiling System (OPPS), developed by nationally known AdZone Research Inc., based in Long Island, allows police to monitor more than 100 chat rooms to gather information in developing investigations, Sheriff Ken Ramsey said.

Using OPPS allows the county to give predators notice that this is "not the place to ply their evil," he said.

Ramsey's office is the only one in Illinois using the system, obtained through a one-year grant provided by a Toronto investor, said Tom Gavin, an AdZone Research spokesman. The OPPS system went live in November.
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