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Revisiting reveals 90% of Australasian companies have been hit by cyber attacks

Date: February 23, 2010
By: Patrick Stafford

Every businesses must ensure they have comprehensive security and backup plans for corporate and customer data due to the rising number of cyber security attacks, a new security survey warns.

The company defines a cyber-attack as an incident where there has been a loss of some type of information, including intellectual property, credit card information or other private information, which has been conducted by penetrating a web security wall.

The results also show 43% of companies in Australia and New Zealand believe cyber security is the top issue affecting their business.

The Symantec Enterprise Survey, which interviewed 2,100 companies around the world, found 89% of companies surveyed in Australia and New Zealand reported a cyber attack in 2009, with the average cost at $2 million.

Additionally, 34% said the number of attacks had increased in the last 12 months with the three most common crimes reported as loss of credit card information, intellectual property theft and theft of private information.

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