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Phishing Trip

Date: January 23, 2008
By: Jason Ronald

Airdrie Echo — In 2008, people should be prepared to face cybercrime.
A report from CA Inc., one of the world’s largest information technology management software companies, suggests that there is large potential for members of the public to be victimized by cybercrime.

The fourth largest threat, according to CA, is social networking sites, such as Facebook, for example.
"Social networking sites will become more popular and, as a result, more vulnerable," the report said. "The large number of aggregated potential victims and relatively small concern for computer security make these sites a windfall for cyberthieves."
RCMP Sgt. Partick Webb agreed.

"(The threat) is fairly significant," Webb said, "but if people are aware of it, they won’t likely get caught."

One way to avoid getting caught up in identity theft from social networking sites is to limit the amount of personal data on the site.
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