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Discussion : Computer virus hits Lawrence Technological University

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2007-10-29 11:04:33 -

2007-10-27 07:44:01 -
Frankly it amazes me that a virus should stop data recovery on any windows/dos laptop.
Yes I have seen windows systems trashed by virii, but have never seen saved work files that couldn't be recovered by booting with a Linux CD, grabbing control of the files and copying them to an external HD (USB) or sending to CD/DVD burner.
I have recovered files from computers that have had over 250 infected files, AND nearly all the software that I use is free/public domain/hacking tools, mostly what we classed at work as "Illegal software" but since 1961 I have always believed the "If it works its legal anyway!"
What about BartPE, Ultimate Boot CD, F-prot from from floppies/boot Cd, Knoppix, Many partition recovery tools, the list is endless. Breaking into any unencrypted PC and recovering data is easy, its protecting that data thats the hard part!

Total 2 comments
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