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First forensic lab in India

Date: October 22, 2007

‘Truth Labs’, billed as the country’s first independent private forensic science lab, was inaugurated here on Sunday by Governor N.D. Tiwari.

It is sponsored by Crime Stoppers and Truth Foundation headed by K.P.C. Gandhi, a former Director of Andhra Pradesh Forensic Science Laboratory. Dr. Gandhi had six months ago launched `Crime Stoppers’, an organisation to collect information from citizens for passing on to police and other Government agencies.

He said that the latest institute offeres services like forensic, document and fingerprint examination, computer crime analysis and lie detection. Most of these cases can be resolved without going to police or courts, Dr. Gandhi told the inaugural meeting.

He is said it is set up by a group of eminent public service professionals from across the country who have mostly served as heads of various Government organisations in judicial, police, bureaucratic, scientific, technological, academic and forensic science fields.
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