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Discussion : Google faces copyright charges

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2005-10-11 14:02:16 -
The concept of copyright is a balancing act that preserves the rights of copyright holders on one hand and interest of public on the other. That is why in almost all the Copyright statutes of the world
provisions like compulsory licensing and limited duration protection have been provided. The Bentham's concept of maximum good for maximum number has already been taken care of by these restrictions and any further restriction or control under the garb of "public interest" would be a violation of the Constitutional and statutory rights of the copyright holders. Any unauthorised use of the copyright
material by Google will definitely be a violation of copyright of the concerned persons.

Praveen Dalal
Consultant amd Advocate
Delhi High Court, India.
Tele: +91 9899169611.
Mail:[email protected]

2005-09-26 06:12:34 - Anonymous Coward
Imagine being able to watch any movie in any language on line...

Imagine being able to listen to any music in any language on line...

It's a wonderful idea, however:

Your point is moot. It's still copyright infringement.

Open a book. Read the first page. Work out how Google is violating the law. If it takes you more than fifteen seconds, I'm suprised you are even able to type.

2005-09-23 23:51:23 - Anonymous
If the books are freely available in public and University libraries today… how can you claim copyright-infringement? Google isn’t selling the books; they’re attempting to digitize a library, making it available on-line to anyone, from anywhere at anytime. If anything, the Gov. should help fund Google to make it a reality. Imagine being able to search any book in any language on line…

Total 3 comments
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