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Funny scholar steals mailboxes

Date: July 22, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

Original news accured to be a doubtful.

We have issued an investigation...
CCRC Chief Editor, 23 Sep 2005

Competition is a good thing, if the competitors play clean. If not, competition has the power to destroy an institution. Among scientists, competition is usually productive, since everyone has (at lest) the notion of the ethics involved in scientific works. However, some people insist in playing dirty, with lies, corruption and sabotage.

Sometimes we work with people, which seem to be aligned with our way of work and with our notion of ethics. But then we find out it is not the case. This was what happened when Mr. Pereira started the installation and configuration of a computer cluster in our laboratory. Since he didn't have the necessary knowledge to perform such a task, he hired a technician, which worked for many different groups at the Chemistry Institute. Unfortunately, what he didn't know was that this technician was, at that exact moment, working for a competitor group. Mr. Pereira didn't know, also, that he (the technician) worked for different groups because he was fired from all of them, usually accused of computer invasion and bad administration of computational resources.

Additionally, at the week in which the e-mail invasion occurred (allegedly from the controller machine on the cluster), Mr. Pereira was finishing writing his DSc thesis, in other laboratory. But the technician worked at that time in the lab, as other students said to the police.

The information in which police was based to charge Mr. Pereira are false, according to him.

Accessing scientific databases, and searching for Mr. Pereira's name will show that he is working with top technologies and publishing his work in the best scientific journals and periodicals in the world in his field.
We think this was a setup to destroy his career.

A scholarship student at a Rio de Janeiro university could face jail time for hijacking his professor's email account and sending out lurid emails and sexy pictures in her name, the newspaper O Globo reported on Wednesday.

Robson Pacheco Pereira, 27, a doctorate student of chemistry at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, was accused by police of piracy and slander after allegedly breaking into the professor's email account through the university's computer system.

He allegedly sent out emails with sexy messages and erotic photographs in her name, including to other professors at the university.

If convicted, Pereira could be imprisoned for two to four years, as well as lose the chance to defend his thesis as planned in September.

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