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Internet crimes in Armenia

Date: June 22, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Ludmila Goroshko

Most of computer crimes in the banking sphere of Armenia are committed through the Internet, Olga Safaryan, legal expert of "Internews" told during seminar "Legal Field of Information Technologies and Their Correspondence to European Standards".

She said that these crimes are not solved in Armenia, like anywhere in the world, because banks try to avoid announcing such information; they fear to incur reputation damage. Olga Safaryan informed that these crimes haven't been prosecuted yet hence they have no special organization to fight computer crimes in Armenia.

"In my report I suggest, on the analogy of other CIS countries, to create a department to control computer crimes. At the moment, it is still not clear who will investigate these crimes if they occur, and therefore there are no statistics," she said. Besides, Safaryan noted that August 1, 2003 a new Criminal Code of Republic of Armenia came into force, where chapter 24 that consists of 7 articles is fully devoted to computer crimes. The worst crime is the one committed through negligence, causing of harm to health or other grave consequences. It is provided for by article 254, part 4, to establish 6 through 12 years jail for illegal access to computer information. "However, this article does not define grave consequences that may lead to problems applying it", she said.

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