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Ukrainian law enforcement to fight high tech crimes

Date: April 22, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Victor Sabadash

ZAPOROZHYE (CCRC) - According to the Order #429 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine from May 31, 2001, units to fight crimes in the sphere of intellectual property and high technologies were created in the structure of the State Service on Fighting Economic Crimes (SSFEC). Main tasks of these units, according to the Order #737 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine from August 19, 2001, are as the following:
- fighting crimes in the intellectual property market, preventing and revealing crimes related to illegal production, distribution and use of objects of copyright and adjacent rights;
- revealing facts of illegal use of objects violating patent and industrial property rights;
- fighting crimes in the sphere of computer information, electronic payments and telecommunications, crimes involving illegal turnover of radio-electronic and special devices;
- assuring information security of citizens, their unions, legal entities, the society, the state; protecting their rights and freedoms, legal interests from illegal encroachments committed using high technologies.

Due to all existing problems, a group of scientists and experts, involved in problems of information relationship, including V. Golubev, M. Litvinov, S. Rogozin, E. Ryzhkov and others, have worked out methodical recommendations "Activities of Criminal Investigative Units in the Sphere of Use of High Technologies: Organizational Tactical Basis". This work covers the following issues:

1. Systematization of Ukrainian legal acts on counteraction to offences in the sphere of high technologies.
2. International experience of law enforcement in field of counteraction to information crimes.
3. Analysis of practice of SSFEC units in fighting crimes in the sphere of high technologies.
4. Lacks in the organization of SSFEC units' work in the sphere of high technologies.
5. Propositions on how to improve organizational tactical measures of investigative units to prevent and fight criminality in the information sphere.
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