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Police unable to cope with cybercrime

Date: March 22, 2006
By: Dan Ilett

Police forces around the world are being starved of financial and human resources to fight a growing number of crimes on the internet, Interpol has said.

Speaking on Monday at an anti-phishing conference in Brussels, Bernhard Otupal, crime intelligence officer for Interpol's financial and hi-tech crime unit, said politicians are unaware of the ways criminals are using technology to steal money.

He said: "It's a huge problem. I think the responsible politicians are not aware of the problem. They are not putting resources into it.

"The problem is that these [governments] put up computer crime units and feel that is enough. They do not see changes in technology or the need for updates."

Interpol is a police organisation that helps forces around the world to share each others' data to catch criminals. It does not have the power to make arrests but with the rise of internet crime has become an important channel for international police forces in reducing the time it takes to arrest suspects in other countries.
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