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Child porn industry may reach $6 billion in 2004

Date: March 22, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Internet has exerted a strong catalytic influence on development of child porn. If caught red-handed producers or owners of child porn could face up to 15 years of jail. Nowadays, the anonymity of the Internet and complexity of detection and liquidation of sites scatterred all over the world allow these sites' owners to duck out.

Internet spreads up to 75% of all child porn production. According to the Department "K" of the Russian Federation, about 90% of international search comissions of Interpol are dealing with the given issue. World child porn industry, knowing that Russian law is quite unequal to this crimes, will tend to move their child porn sources to the territory of Russia.

Examinations carried out by American experts show that child porn is requested by 15% of common porn consumers. American firm N2H2 engaged in development of content filters for the Internet states that the number of pornography sites grows very fast: amount of porn sites increased more than in 20 times for five years and by summer 2003 it amounted about 260 million.

During the research, investigators have been downloading all available porno images from 5 of the most popular pornography sites in the USA for 4 months. In a result research group received ad subscription from 69 commercial sites offering 450 620 porn pics, video and text files in general. These files were downloaded 6,4 million times by porn lovers. Also they received almost 75 thousand files (only a part of them were available for download) from 6 sites, and 391 790 files (all them were not available for download) from 27 more sites. 917 410 were examined for originality.

As it turned out, almost all these materials are copied from one site to another and recur more often. Nevertheless 292 114 originals were detected from total 917 410. 37% of them were spread by 2 sites. Therefore, it is possible to say that these two sites either produce these child porn materials by on their own or are exclusive distributors of child porn. Such statistics cannot but dissappoint.

Child porn industry may reach $6 billion in 2004, analysts say.

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