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Largest hacker group in China dissolves

Date: February 22, 2005

BEIJING, Feb. 21 - Honkers Union of China (HUC), the earliest and largest hacker group in China and ranking number five in the world, has announced its dissolution and has shut down its website at the same time.

Membership FEE of this group was once as high as 80,000. It has drawn both praises and blames as it participated in confronting foreign hackers on numerous occasions.

According to Shenzhen's media, HUC's founder Lion claimed in his open letter, "Honkers Union has existed in name only for a long time, and its website has been closed down several times before. However, I am reluctant to let go of things that accompanied me while I grew up. That is why HUC has lasted so long."

In December of 2000, webmaster Lion took the initiative to set up HUC. It was a non-governmental organization with a wide variety of members, including businessmen, students, teachers and professionals in network safety.

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