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Interpol vs cybercrime

Date: January 22, 2007

Interpol is calling for a global crackdown on cybercrime, with better legislation to support efforts to tackle web criminals.

International police are calling on lawmakers to co-operate on a new international framework of rules to fight cybercrime, with some countries doing little or nothing to address the problem.

Software giant Microsoft has joined the call for greater international police powers to fight internet criminals and better funding to tackle cybercrime. The company has unveiled a global law enforcement campaign against phishing attacks.

Interpol crime intelligence officer for the financial and hi-tech crime unit, Bernhard Otupal, told an anti-phishing conference in Brussels that politicians and police forces need to educate themselves about the tactics used by criminals to steal money over the internet.

Mr Otupal said that, despite better pooling of resources to tackle online crime, many forces are under-resourced and the criminal gangs often have access to more money that those chasing them. He also pointed out that the key to tackling cybercrime was co-operation with private industry.

The Interpol officer told ZDNet: "With phishing and pharming, new technologies are being dealt with by old laws. We need an integrated legal framework to exchange data."
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