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Bank victim of cybercrime

Date: January 22, 2007

The crime could be the biggest payout thieves have scored over the Internet. Nordea, a Swedish bank, lost the sum of $1.1 million in increments, spread across the accounts of some 250 customers.

Details of the crime came from security firm McAfee, which explained in a statement the basics of the crime:

The criminals developed a tailor-made Trojan which was sent to the bank's customers disguised as a spam fighting application
Once the customers downloaded the application, they were infected by the Trojan
The haxdoor Trojan was modified to specifically target that bank
The Trojan activated when people logged into their online banking account, allowing the criminals to gather passwords and transfer money from their accounts
The attack has been traced to servers in Russia indicating that organized Russian criminals are behind this.

The BBC later reported that all of the affected customers were reimbursed for their losses:
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