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Phone Spam Filter Reaches The 1 Million Mark

Date: October 21, 2008

Phone Spam Filter, the best website in the United States for finding telemarketers and phone solicitors, announced today that it has successfully processed over 1 million phone solicitor searches via its free website.

"The million mark means we're really providing a service to consumers and businesses across the country," said Phone Spam Filter's Chief Information Officer John Steffins.

"No other site out there provides the wide range of features and ease of use. We allow our users to search for phone spammers and automatically block them using one simple web-based interface."

Telemarketing continues to be a major issue throughout the country, even though the U.S. Congress passed do-not-call legislation more than five years ago. Many consumers report ever-increasing numbers of calls on home and cell phones.

"I was repeatedly getting calls on my home line from someone claiming to be offering a car warranty extension," said Phone Spam Filter user Michelle Thurman. "Now, thanks to Phone Spam Filter's automated blocking system, those have stopped."

Phone Spam Filter helps users like Thurman in a few different ways. It makes it possible for them to look at whether a particular phone number has been reported before. Also, they can discuss their experiences with these callers.

Finally, Phone Spam Filter enables users to set up their telephone lines to automatically block inbound calls depending on whether they've been reported recently by other users. This blocking service operates like the most sophisticated email spam filters.
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