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Discussion : Pedophile arrested for rape his own 3 years old daughter

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2009-08-24 00:15:23 -
I can't even imagine that there's people like him in this world, how could he do that to his own daughter gosh. I really hope he get a death penalty instead, if there is one.

2009-02-24 20:36:24 -
Dirty guy. If I was that judge, I would put him in jail even if he had AIDS. That type of conduct shouldn't be tolerated by the judge or the jury or the offender's attorney!

2009-01-18 05:38:18 -
i hope he gets raped in jail

2005-08-22 13:52:58 -
send her pix please

2004-10-21 23:12:57 -
Good day:

Is there a picture of Yuri Khamatov available? If there is, would it be possible for someone to send it to:
Mail to: [email protected]

We've been investigating several people with the name Yuri. I have pictures of three of them and would love to compare them.

Thanks for the information. Keep up the good work!

Natasha Grigori
Founder ACPO AntiChildPorn.Org

Total 5 comments
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