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Facebook Is Still Battling Spam

Date: August 21, 2008

The Chronicle first wrote about Facebook's spam problem in April, after several Facebook members complained about getting offers for ringtones or male enhancement drugs.

But the problem is still not solved.

One Facebook member reports receiving several e-mails in the last couple of weeks, allegedly from Facebook--an invitation from a stranger to confirm him as a friend, an invitation from a friend to read a blog. But when she went to her Facebook profile, the e-mails weren't there. (Also, the e-mail from the friend was so out of character that the friend later sent a mass apology--"phishers/hackers/virus...took control of my facebook," she said.)

Facebook sometimes blogs about its security problems and on August 7 said it had blocked links to malicious Web sites from anywhere inside Facebook after the site was attacked by a worm. Facebook's head of security, Max Kelly, asked members to report spam and never share passwords.
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