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Man gets 35 years in child porn case

Date: July 21, 2005
Source: Kanzas City Star
By: Mark Morris

A California, Mo., man with two previous sex offenses on his record was sentenced to 35 years in federal prison Wednesday for producing and transporting child pornography.

Following his release, Lary Lee Petty Jr., 32, will be on probation for the rest of his life.

In his guilty plea Wednesday, Petty admitted that for much of 2003, he coerced a 4-year-old relative to engage in sexual conduct for child porn.

On Oct. 20, 2003, Petty also published an ad in an Internet chat room seeking child porn and offering to exchange the material. Petty required others to upload images to his server before they could download images from his collection.

Authorities in New York detected the activity.

“More than a thousand images had been exchanged to and from Petty’s computer,” U.S. Attorney Todd Graves said in a prepared statement. “Among those images were a number of photos that have been identified in other child porn investigations. That’s the nature of the Internet — once a photo is uploaded, it can circulate across state and national boundaries for years to come, victimizing the child over and over again.”

Petty, a registered sex offender, has two 1994 felonies for raping a 13-year-old victim and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old victim. Petty also has a 2001 drug conviction.

“Petty is a dangerous sex offender who preyed on children,” Graves said. “The best way to protect our community is to keep him locked away as long as possible.”

A 20-year-old Parkville man was convicted in federal court earlier this month for participating in the same Internet chat room, which was labeled “100%PreTeenGirlsSexPics.” Michael Shawn McCourt had argued at trial that a computer virus had allowed hackers to take control of his computer and upload illegal material without his knowledge.

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