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Virus disrupted computers

Date: June 21, 2006

The city is struggling to repair its computer systems -- a vital resource for many administrative services -- after suffering two big disasters less than 48 hours apart.

The crippling problems started May 24, when a computer virus began blocking all city employees from logging into Clermont's central computer network. Some departments also lost up to four months of computer data essential to daily operations.

Then on May 26, the city was hit again. Lightning struck City Hall on Montrose Street, destroying 26 computers and other electronics, Joe Van Zile, Clermont's administrative services director, said Tuesday.

"We've never had anything to the extent of this before," Van Zile said.

In all, Clermont lost about $105,000 worth of electronic equipment. Van Zile said replacement computers arrived last week, and the city is working to install them.

The computer virus wreaked havoc for several days and affected the entire city, including the police and fire departments.

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