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Discussion : A man who sold chid porn nabbed

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2007-02-26 01:26:10 -
Dein Aufstellungsort verdient nur gute Woerter. Danke.

2007-02-22 08:33:28 -
Nice site you have!

2006-05-09 09:36:44 - a
goto the internet watch foundation to report it

2006-02-08 14:40:20 - No comment
Nathan was a friend of mine, boyfriend to be precise, a while ago I always though people who liked that sort of thing were dirty old men, not 20 year olds

2005-09-20 09:43:52 -
How do I report that shit. When I try to get a song or look for stuff I find sick shit. Can someone please tell me were i can report it.

2005-09-03 00:02:14 -
Interesting info

2004-06-02 16:24:31 - Stupid
That's so absurd. Where are the ones that made these videos and pics ? Free? Why?

2004-05-27 15:13:36 -
All i have to say, is wrong...just wrong...

2004-05-27 15:10:30 -
This guy is my hero

2004-05-27 15:08:27 - Niko Romano
That is so bad the guy shouldnt even be alive at this present time.

2004-05-26 16:40:10 -
I am 12 years old and I think that this is DISGUSTING I am glad that hes been put away so he cant do it again,but their are other people who are capable of doing the same thing.most of the time I dont really go that far away from home as i am worried and cant trust anyone.

2004-05-26 16:38:27 - ellie holland

Total 12 comments
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