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Government's plans for cyber-crime "half-baked"

Date: March 21, 2008
By: Jonathan Richards

The Government has severely underestimated the threat the country faces from cyber-crime and risks having its own networks breached by foreign spies if it doesn't devote more resources to the problem, the security industry has said.

The Prime Minister's new security strategy, outlined yesterday. didn't do nearly enough to address what security companies called the "shockingly low" awareness of cyber-crime among both businesses and individuals, according to security experts. They said the strategy also underplayed the threat posed by foreign governments intent on bringing down UK networks

State-sponsored attacks on foreign networks have been an increasingly important issue for the security industry since it emerged in December that the head of MI5 had sent a letter to the heads of Britain's largest companies warning them that the Chinese Government was attempting to penetrate their computer systems.

Gordon Brown said yesterday that the Government was alert to new internet-based threats, but security companies said that its failure to establish a specialist unit to deal specifically with cyber-crime meant that the problem was still not receiving the attention it deserved.
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