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Phishing heat

Date: February 21, 2006

Scammers passing themselves off as the "Nationwide Verification Office" have popped up in Indiana this month. Indiana Attorney General Steve Bell says the scam that has targeted mostly seniors in other states has been reported recently all across the Hoosier state.

"Callers representing themselves as from Nationwide Verification Office are calling Hoosiers and selling them a story that their bank accounts have been compromised and they need to verify their routing numbers and other personal information," Carter said.

"It is encouraging that callers to this office have been on alert and not victimized by this scam. Letting the bad guys know we are onto them can help stop this activity."

Similar schemes have been reported recently in Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

In some instances, consumers have been told their banking account information has been posted on the Internet and they need to verify the account number so that the information doesn’t "get into the wrong hands."
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