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Cyber crime takes Bhubaneswar by storm

Date: December 20, 2004

Obscene mails seems to be the order of the day in Bhubaneswar, for now a prestigious management institute has lodged a cyber crime complaint with the police.

The Xavier Institute of Management has reportedly told the police that its students and staff are being flooded with obscene e-mails from anonymous senders.

At first, the e-mails were considered to be spam mails, but when they continued to flow in, authorities at the institute decided to lodge a formal complaint with the police. "Some identified people were sending obscene e-mails to users in our institute that included our students, faculty and other staff members. Mails were obscene in nature, so we have lodged the complaint with the local police," said S S Rath, Administrator of XIMB.

Students say it was disturbing as their Local Area Network (LAN) was being threatened. Spam attacks made them jittery, as the institute had a huge data bank and feared hacking, the students said. "We have a very strong database, we have so many materials which are accessible to only XIMB students. This is definitely very threatening because somebody from outside can enter your LAN and access your database. I can't say what institute will do, but they have to do something to secure the entire knowledge bank," said Pranav Chaudhary, a student.

Police said technical experts would investigate the matter.

"Our own officers are not trained enough to tackle the case. The cases which require more technical expertise, in those cases, we are instructed by the State Crime Record Board to seek their trained people to investigate such cyber crimes," said Amitabh Thakur, Superintendent of Police, Khurda. Cyber crime in India is on a rise with cases of hacking being reported from several cities. Recently, two persons were arrested after they hacked into the account of customer of a private bank and illegally transferred 143,000 rupees through internet banking. (ANI)
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