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Computer crime: online Sherlocks

Date: November 20, 2007

Damon Hacker knows better than anyone else the kind of electronic fingerprints we leave behind on a daily basis.

Did you use a computer today? A cell phone? A Blackberry? Swipe a card to enter your workplace? Drive a car? Send a fax? Print a document? Take a photo? Access voice mail? Use a credit card?

Hacker can re-create most of your day by dissecting little hard drives that record the most routine activities.

He and his partners at Vestige Ltd. are forensic experts of the wired world, experienced at locating digital clues for use in civil and criminal legal cases that range from intellectual property theft to wrongful termination.

And the past year has been a good one for the Medina company.

Hacker isn't surprised that business is up 30 percent since a Dec. 1, 2006, amendment to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure outlined how electronic information should be collected and shared in the discovery process of a court case.

What surprises him is that it took so long for the legal world to acknowledge the value of digital evidence.
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