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Phishing strikes eBay

Date: November 20, 2005
By: Frank Washkuch Jr.

The latest scam, revealed by the internet security vendor eBlocs, targets PC users via email and asks them to update personal and financial information by clicking on a provided link. The URL most recently used is, which has been partially masked.

The scam has been assigned a threat level rating of "5" by the company, its highest. eBay users can report phony attempts to access account information through the company's website. The company website also gives advice to users on how to detect fraudulent emails.

"Do not click on a link embedded within any potentially suspicious email, especially if the email requests personal information," the company advised. "Instead, try starting a new internet session with your browser, typing the web address of the link into the address bar, and pressing enter to be sure you are directed to a legitimate web site."
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