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Date: October 20, 2007

A slip of a youth, Dipak Kumar Jain has done something that has even baffled the cyber experts in Delhi.

A commerce graduate from local VD College, Dipak has developed a system of detecting fraudulent hacking of SMS. Through the system, a hacker can send SMS to anyone through mobiles held by other persons and having other numbers and, importantly, without the knowledge of the original mobile owner.

His detection system is still in a gestation and he claims it is a matter of time before it showed result. His work, Dipak hopes, would help check cyber crimes.

The Bollywood and Delhi's power corridor were in a fix a fortnight ago, over such fraudulent messages involving the names and numbers of several known actors as well as Union ministers.

Dipak is still working on the system that can provide vital information to the cops. Recently, he was called by a leading TV channel in New Delhi where he shared his research with senior police officials and cyber crime experts.
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