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Top Internet scams, beware

Date: July 20, 2005

According to the Better Business Bureau, the international lotto scam that recently tricked an Ocala woman is No. 6 on the BBB's list of top 10 scams.

Scam No. 5 is bogus health and wellness products -- miracle treatments and products that rob you of your money and can also rob you of your health.

The "Nigerian Letter Scam" is the fourth-most common scam. It's all over the Internet and it claims a high-ranking official in trouble needs to hide millions. It promises money for you if only you give them your checking account number.

No. 3 on the list is bogus business and franchise opportunities. These are when you buy into a business that basically does not exist.

The second biggest scam is identity theft.

Internet fraud tops the list, which includes phishing scams and bogus auction sites.

The experts say you should check anything out before you order, buy or give out any information about yourself. Find out who you are dealing with, and keep in mind, they are strangers to you.
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