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UK to allocate funds to strengthen cyber security in Ukraine

Date: June 20, 2023
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

The UK is to allocate about £16 million [US$20.5 million] to help Ukraine in the field of cyber security.

Source: Reuters

Details: According to a statement by the UK government, they plan to allocate £16 million to help Ukraine in the field of cyber security, with the potential for another £9 million to be received from international allies.

Quote: "London said the package ??“ which adds to the £6.35 million announced last year ??“ would better equip Ukraine to defend its critical national infrastructure from crippling Russian attacks as Kyiv mounts a counteroffensive to push back Russian forces from the swathes of southern and eastern Ukraine that they occupy," the message said.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Russia's horrific attacks on Ukraine are not limited to a barbaric land invasion, but also include attempts to attack cyber infrastructure that provides vital services, from banking to energy supplies.

He added that the funding is critical to stopping cyberattacks, strengthening Ukraine's defences, and improving the ability to detect and neutralise malware.

Sunak will also address entrepreneurs and businesses at a conference next week to increase investment in Ukraine in order to help it rebuild its economy after the Russian invasion.

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