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Local man accused of dealing in child pornography

Date: June 20, 2008

29 year old Michael Turman was arrested Monday and appeared in court on yesterday. He was the subject of an investigation by the Fresno Internet Crime Against Children task force.

Federal court documents obtained by 17 News say Turman told law enforcement he had feared them coming to his home for a long time and admitted to being sexually interested in 8-9 year old boys.

Investigators say in a written statement by Turman says that he never intended to hurt anyone and that being molested at a young age ruined his life.

The Kern High School District says Turman was a freshman high school coach for 3 years at Centennial High but was not a member of the faculty and was given a standard background check.

John Teves of the Kern High School District said, "I have learned that everyone that works with our kids is subject to a Department of Justice investigation."

The district says they have no received no complaints about Turman since he stopped coaching three years ago.

"We are sadenned by this," said Teves. "We never like to hear that something like this has happened."

Turman is from bakersfield and lives in this affluent neighborhood where homes sell for about 1 million dollars. We went to turman's home and place of work but could not reach him.

Turman is also the vice-president of Turman construction company where employees would not come outside but did tell me i should contact Turman's attorney for comment.

Calls to Turman's attorney have not been returned yet.

Turman did post a $100,000 bond but is due back in federal court in Fresno in the coming weeks.

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