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Discussion : Russia: Citybank clients scammed

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2007-02-22 12:58:21 -
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2006-09-28 10:57:51 - Parvathi Agarwal
I too got the same kind of mail tht jus said tht i hav won a lottery at UK National Lottery. The person concerned also sent me the application form to be filled to open an account 1st so they could deposit the cheque. And also tht i had to make an initial payment of 500 pounds 1st so they could activate the account. I somehow
managed to verify it by this website tht there is no city bank of london. Hence I am out of it now n happy tht i hav not lost thing yet nor gained ne thing.

2006-08-03 14:55:52 -

2006-08-01 10:57:23 - Martina
Just the same has happened to me .... as I worked in the City and used to work in the bank all this seemed as a big fraud to me .... so I had some search ... and I have found this website ... luckily :-)

2006-07-31 07:04:22 -
I too have been told by the so called Brıtısh Natıonal Lottery company that I had won a huge sum of money and for me to open an account at the Cıty Bank of London!
Unfortunately for them,I fırst of all asked a relatıve of mıne to research the company,and I too was told that they do not exıst.It ıs a scam,and fraud.Apart from havıng a few sleepless nıghts about what I would be doıng wıth thıs money,I have now forgotton about ıt and lıve sadly poor but at least happy.
I dıd contact the Leıcester and told them about ıt.Its a good trıck.

2006-07-06 05:20:05 -
2 weeks ago

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I live in the City of London and know the area very well. There is no bank called The City Bank of London. However, the address you have given does exist and yes, it is in the City. Whilst most of the City of London lies within EC postcodes, there are some addresses with a WC1 postcode on its edge.

The building at 29-30 High Holborn is called Alliance House. There are four companies there; one of them is a large, British bona fide bank called Alliance and Leicester, which has a branch there.

You should not have any further dealings with the person who has given you these details; they are patently attempting to defraud you. As another correspondent says, you have been given mere mobile numbers - UK banks have landlines, not mobiles. You should contact the Alliance and Leicester to express your concern, especially if any money has changed hands. The e-mail address of its fraud department is: frauddepartment

You can see its website at:

Please take on board this very serious advice.


Can u tel me what all things they asked from your.I can help you in this matter...

2006-06-09 16:53:54 -
hello i just want to know that is thr any city bank of london in uk because i have won uk national lottery and i have been asked to open an account in city bank of london. i have just filled in the online form and no payment made yet kindly advice me how do i know weather its genuine because they asked me to open an account and they will deposit the winning prize money into that account and then i can transfer the funds to my existing bank account anywhere in the world .pls advice me is it possible.

Total 7 comments
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