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Firm insider suspender for hacking

Date: February 20, 2006

A state Office of Information Technology worker was placed on paid leave yesterday in connection with the investigation of a potential security breach to a state computer server.

State computing officials discovered on Wednesday that a hacker had installed a program capable of observing credit card information transmitted on a server used by the Division of Motor Vehicles, the Liquor Commission, state liquor stores and the state Veterans Home.

At the time, the state's chief information officer said the program was installed externally through the internet, not by someone using a state computer. But yesterday the attorney general's office - which is investigating the case along with the FBI - called for a state OIT employee to be removed from work and placed on paid leave in connection with the matter.

Rick Bailey, the state's chief information officer, could not say if that meant the breach had come from within the system, not the internet. He declined to comment on specifics of the investigation, though he called the move to place the employee on leave "a significant event in the process."
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