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Cybercrime Unit asks allies to monitor hate speech abroad

Date: December 19, 2022
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

AMMAN ??” Director of the Cybercrime Unit at the Public Security Directorate Major Mahmoud Al-Maghaira has said that the unit is tracking accounts that spread hate speech, incite vandalism, attack law enforcement agencies, and damage public and private property, Saraya News reported Sunday.

He also said that the unit has addressed Arab and international police bodies concerning users of such accounts, adding that “the identity of users of accounts that spread hate speech on social media has been identified, and Arab and international police administrations have been addressed regarding the accounts that broadcast from outside the Kingdom”.

“The unit identifies users’ accounts and pursues them even if there is no complaint or claim from a third party,” Maghaira said.

Meanwhile, the Cybercrime Unit had said earlier that the TikTok platform failed to tackle misuse by users who glorified acts of violence, called for spreading chaos and promoted and falsified videos by parties outside the Kingdom to incite citizens, and that is why the platform was temporarily blocked in the Kingdom.

“Measures have been taken against TikTok; the response by other platforms has been good, so there will be no closure of other platforms,” Maghaira said.

He pointed out that it is difficult to say how many accounts are involved, but that cases are under investigation, indicating that some accounts are from inside Jordan while others came from abroad, and stressing that appropriate legal measures will be taken.

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