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iPhone to be the next hackers victim

Date: December 19, 2007

Arbor’s Security and Engineering Response Team (ASERT) put together their predictions for hack attacks for 2008 and at the top of the list is the iPhone. The report states that the iPhone will be a major target for cybercriminals in 2008.

The Arbor report states that the assaults will likely be "drive-by" attacks where malware embedded into seeming harmless information such as images or other media will perform dangerous actions when rendered on the iPhone web browser. ASERT believes that the hackers are going to be enticed by the opportunity to be the first to hack the platform.

ASERT also forecasts an increase in Chinese cybercrime in 2008. In the past year the team has seen a dramatic increase in the attention paid to Chinese-language specific software such as QQ Messenger and a number of malware samples focused on stealing users credentials. Arbor expects this trend to multiply in 2008 as more Chinese users come online, more software is written for the market and Chinese cybercriminals become increasingly more sophisticated and organized.
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