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Cyber-terrorists, who are they?

Date: October 19, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Victor Sabadash

Cyber-terrorists, who are they? Cyber-terrorists could be persons, organized groups formed by terrorist organizations, such as «Hamas», «Al-Qaeda», etc. There are cyberterrorists-individualist, cyberterrorist organization and whole states, engaged in cyberterror. In this case cyberterrorism is one of the strategic weapons aimed on distraction and weakening of political, economic, and military power of the state.

Sometimes, hackers are considered as modern IT hooligans. Forming groups, hackers become more dangerous and can hack not only a web-site but whole Internet –zones. Organized criminal groups frequently use Internet to commit fraudulent actions in the banking and financial system, and e-commerce. Experts state that hackers commit more complicated attacks not for the fun, but for profit. The most attacked web-sites in this year became web-sites related to e-commerce – 16 % of all attacks, that is more than last year on 400%. This rate shows changing of priorities in hacker community. This could be also indicated by growth in popularity of such kind of Internet fraud as “phishing” – the fraudulent receiving personal data.

Extortion is a popular cyber crime as well. Its new kind consists in black mailing well known persons, companies threatening to register a domain name identical with own name of person or company, and create web-site compromised victims.

Experts forecast rapid growth in cyber crime, because of increase in Internet users.
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