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Spyware crackdown

Date: September 19, 2006

Do you know what your computer is doing while you are away? You may be amazed at all of the things that your computer can pick up on a daily basis. First came viruses, and that was a huge threat for many years. We heard about such infections as the Love Bug virus, Doomsday virus, and many more. Most of these could do serious damage to your system. Today, one of the biggest threats to your computer is spyware. What began as an advertising gimmick has begun to spiral out of control. Many companies have begun to abuse the technology.

The concept was simple; create a little program that allows marketers’ access to their customers buying habits. Many major media houses began to get greedy and added more to their spyware programs. A typical spyware program today will continually update your habits and activities and send it back to the home base. While they don’t take sensitive information like credit card numbers or bank accounts, they do prove to be a major threat to computer performance. Each spyware program uses your computer as a live server. Imagine the delays you would experience if you had ten or twenty of these programs at the same time. Your computer would slow down considerably!

So where do these spyware programs come from? You can get infected from a variety of sources. Some are downloaded to give you access to different features such as net searches, coupons, or tips online. Some are bundled with legitimate program downloads. Others are installed without your permission. It doesn’t matter where they come from, because most computers will have spyware at one point or another.
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