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Discussion : Milford man facing child pornography charges

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2008-11-12 09:19:16 -
ShutYourYap.... "What one might say to another when that other person passes snap judgements in defense of pederasts, etc.without having ready access to comprehensive evidence and/or details pertaining to said individual's (the aforementioned "pederast's") such case." - Common Sense (not Websters)
This holds true especially in instances where one's defiance toward the law can be construed or interpreted as a defensive stance born from one's own underlying guilt or feelings of guilt and, inasmuch, such feelings might arouse suspicion where it may, or may not be, warranted.

2004-08-28 16:15:12 - Humans for a Just World
Entrap...."to catch in or as in a trap. to deceive or trick into difficulty" Websters.
Why are police still allowed to use this what should be illegal tactic. The police are instigating the crime, they should go to jail.

Total 2 comments
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