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Click fraud hits Google

Date: July 19, 2006
By: Brian White

Although many of us here at have written before on the threat click fraud is having -- and will continue to have -- on Google and others like Yahoo! and Microsoft, is Google doing anything about it? It's paid lip service so far regarding the advertiser and investor community, vaguely stating that it has systems and artificially-intelligent computer programs in place to weed out click fraud.

But, non of this talk has quenched fears that click fraud -- which can be hard to measure -- is actually becoming worse. My belief is that click fraud is most likely one of the largest threats to Google at this time. To hell with the competitors -- Google's own short-sightedness here could be a major problem. The more popular an Internet destination and tool becomes, the more strongly the fraudsters and criminals come out of the woodwork wanting to take a free ride into a cash-making world of their own.
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