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Wave of online scams

Date: June 19, 2006

Several complaints of Internet fraud in Athens have been reported to the Athens Police Department in recent weeks.

According to a news release from the police department, one local case involved a person who applied for a job that was advertised as a position where employees could work from home. The scam required the victim to cash money orders through her local bank, keeping a percentage of each money order and then wiring the rest of the money to another location, the release states.

This resulted in the victim cashing 14 counterfeit money orders at her bank, receiving her percentage of the funds and then wiring the remaining money to an overseas location.

Another scheme involved the subleasing of an apartment in Athens that was advertised in a local newspaper. The victim of this scheme was contacted by e-mail by someone who claimed to be interested in subleasing the apartment, according to the release from the police department.

A check was sent to the victim to pay for the apartment, but the check exceeded the amount of the rental agreement by $2,000, the release states. The scammer then requested that the excess money be wired to a travel agent for trip expenses, and the victim wired the money as instructed. It was later discovered that the check sent to the victim was counterfeit, the release states.
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