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DGP M Mahender Reddy releases handbook on cybercrime investigation

Date: May 19, 2022
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

Hyderabad: Upping the ante against cybercrime, the Telangana State Police are now armed with a handbook on cybercrime investigation ‘Social Engineering Crime-3’. The book, released by Telangana DGP M Mahender Reddy on Wednesday, will help the police take e-fraudsters head on.

“Focus should be on preventing and investigating cybercrime cases fast as e-crimes will increase in the future. For this purpose, there is a cyber warrior in each police station to help investigators and to create awareness among the public,” the DGP said.

The book specifically mentions 17 cybercrimes reported regularly and ways to tackle and investigate those. The book deals with modus operandi, flow chart of crime happening, expected areas of evidence and standard operating procedure for investigation and case studies.

“Criminals are taking advantage of the fear and weakness of victims. Case studies given in the book are successfully investigated cases from the three commissionerates. Important points in collection of digital evidence and adopting scientific approach to investigation, chain of custody, evidence collection from Android, WhatsApp, crime scene evaluation and charge-sheet preparation are explained,” he said.

Workflow charts for important crimes like bank frauds, e-mail investigation, e-wallet, mobile number, social media frauds and standard operating procedures for Facebook frauds, debit/credit card fraud, abusive mails, hacking, lottery fraud etc., are thoroughly discussed apart from how to tackle fake news and how to do fact-checking.

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