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Phishing and your thoughts

Date: May 19, 2007
By: JoAnn Merrigan

It's call phishing, not fishing. And you do it with a computer, not a pole. But the idea is still the same. When it comes to phishing, cyber crooks throw out a line (in the form of bogus emails) just hoping they catch something. In this case it's your personal information, like a credit card or pin number, social security number or your bank account information.

According to the book, Scam Proof Your Life, about four percent of all identity theft cases are the result of online phishing, the illegal act of sending an e-mail that directs responders to a look-alike website masquerading as a bank or other service provider. Figures from the publication also indicate that another 13 percent of identity theft cases are the result of personal and online transactions.
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