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Netscape vs phishing

Date: May 19, 2005
Source: CNET
By: Joris Evers

Netscape on Thursday plans to release the final version of Netscape 8, a browser that includes features to protect Web surfers against online scams.

Early test versions of the new browser--so-called alpha and beta releases--have been available since February. As reported, Netscape has made mostly cosmetic changes in the final version, said Jeremy Liew, general manager of Netscape, a division of Time Warner's America Online subsidiary.

Almost a million people participated in the public beta, which started in March, Liew said, and most of the criticism received was about the look and feel of the browser. During the beta process, Netscape improved the stability and speed of the browser by fixing bugs and optimizing the software, he added.

Security features in the Netscape software have not changed. "Security is the sizzle that will get people to use this new browser," Liew said. "I think the Web has become a more dangerous place. The threats of phishing and spyware have become more and more real."
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