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Hackers keep selling credit cards

Date: April 19, 2006

Internet fraudsters are selling the credit-card details of hundreds of Britons each night by hacking into companies' computer systems.

The gangs, thought to operate out of Eastern Europe and southeast Asia, break through firewalls and steal information such as card numbers, security codes, PINs, street and e-mail addresses and mobile-phone numbers.

The Times has tracked them to Internet Relay Chat chatrooms, where they trade what they have stolen.

An American company that monitors such chatrooms said that it was aware of the details of 300 to 400 British customers each day, although that estimate was conservative because it could not keep track of the whole trade.

"We monitor hundreds of rooms, but we don't see all the operators. These people go from one forum to another. It's a growing problem," Dan Clements, the head of, said.

The hackers, mainly young men, keep no record of their conversations, although police are investigating whether the payment system they often use, known as e-gold, may enable their transactions to be traced.
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