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Ex-cop's child porn shame

Date: April 19, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

A former cop has been unmasked as a bisexual with a sordid fascination for child porn after a US crackdown exposed his name and led to his home in Dumbarton being raided.

Alexander McLellan, 40, formerly of Crosslet Road, Dumbarton, and now of Nitshill, Glasgow, was caught with 8000 images on his home computer and associated CDs when police pounced and seized equipment in June last year. Paisley Sheriff Court was told that, acting on information from the American authorities, checks were carried out on various individuals in Strathclyde who used credit cards to download sickening images.

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Subsequent investigations revealed that McLellan had trawled the web looking for sites containing child porn involving young males between just six and 15 years.

He had given two CDs the names of well-known bands to disguise the content but officers found they had been used to store material involving child abuse. Several were at the top end of the scale in terms of the serious nature of their content.

McLellan pleaded guilty to taking or permitting indecent photos or pseudo photos of children to be taken or made at his former home in Dumbarton between December 5, 2003 and June 2, last year.

Defence agent Jonathan Manson said his client was employed by the police service for a period of time and was a man of good character. He told the court: “He is a bisexual and his wife knows about this and knew about it when they were married.”

He said that, in those circumstances, he took the view that this was the best way to satisfy his own sexual needs. “It was for his own sexual gratification,” he added.

Sheriff Pender deferred sentence until May 20, calling for background reports, a community service assessment and a report from the Clyde Project which deals with sex offenders.
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